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Web design - choosing the right CMS

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    28 de novembro de 2022 06:58:41 ART

    The website building market offers a large number of CMSs for various tasks. I want to understand the classification of engines and peculiarities of working with them. At the same time constructors are available that are optimally suited for beginners without or with minimal programming experience. What to choose - CMS or website builder? 

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    28 de novembro de 2022 10:50:32 ART
    Among many, you can choose the popular WordPress or the more advanced Joomla. An alternative is to have a custom management system created by programmers. It all depends on your preferences, needs and required features. Visit the page and you'll learn more.
    When choosing a CMS, you should think about the end user who will manage the site. If they lack technical skills and have never managed any web pages, it is better to choose a simple, intuitive system such as WordPress.
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    1 de dezembro de 2022 06:21:26 ART

    You should also find out what the target audience of the website is, as this will help you determine which elements will be useful. For example, in the case of online stores, it is necessary to allow customers to create an account.