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    The group leader said in a low voice, "No, they should pay a higher price.". This kid will hand over their backstage boss, and then it's time for us to liquidate. Izumida looked at Strungen. "You've offended a lot of people …" Who are those people? Your boss is going to be busy again. Maybe they will help you get people out. Strungen said in a low voice, "Bless us to get out of Tokyo alive first.." The boss will never let a subordinate be taken away in vain. A girl asks them carefully: "That gentleman, did he meet a friend to go?" Strungen glanced at her, nodded and said, "Yeah, very good friend, ***, good as hell friend." Strungen vaguely guessed that it had something to do with Fatadio, but after all, he had just joined Yi Chen's group, and many things were not very clear, so he could not get a clear answer. Izumida suddenly trembled all over and said excitedly, "Someone in our clan is nearby." He flung open the window and gestured to the two black Hondas. Two Hondas came slanting in, driving close to the car. Izumida roared,micro gear motor, "Woman, stop the car. Hurry up." The girl was frightened and stepped on the brake. Two Honda cars also stopped, and seven men dressed in black swept out of the car like the wind and saluted Izumida respectfully: "Captain, you're still alive, that's great.." How to deal with these people? Izumida Yin ruthlessly smiled: "This man, is a friend,Planetary Gear Motor, take him to the clan, these four women, silence." Two men carefully helped Strungen out of the car, another man waved his hand, four light breezes blew, and the four girls made a loud'click 'around their necks and went down. The Honda drove away, leaving the saloon car alone in the middle of the road. Strungen was a little alarmed. "How did you know they were nearby?" Izumida is in a good mood: "We practice the same magic, and people of the same race naturally have a connection.." Now we're safe. Tokyo is the territory of the Yamaguchi-gumi, but he won't do anything to us. Give me a few pick-me-up pills, in case I run into one of them, and I don't want to show my flaws. Izumida handed Stromgen a golden pill the size of a dragon's eye and said with a smile, "This is a pill made from wild herbs we collected from Mount Fuji. It can make seriously injured people move like normal people in one day. It's very valuable.". We need to be careful not to show our flaws in front of Lin's people. Strungen took the pill and suddenly asked him, small geared motors ,Micro Gear Motor, "You're not the water tribe, are you?"? Sir, you are a man of another power. Izumida looked at Strungen, smiled and whispered: "We are friends, I do not hide from you, I am the wind of the four families of the Wind Forest Volcano." These people are my subordinates.. Hehe, we are Lin's loyal allies. Strungen took a breath. "You Japanese …" Really Is Lin the leader of the alliance? So you want to replace them? Izumida nodded and said, "Who doesn't want more power?" Strungen: You tell me the secret like this? Don't you have to obey any of your internal commandments? Izumida laughed. "I am the heir of the wind. Why should I be ordained by those little commandments?"? To be honest, I want a closer partnership with your boss, so I have to confess that I think the elders will agree with me. Strungen was speechless. Izumida sighed and said, "Our spies stole the water escape of the water tribe. Unfortunately, they only got some fur. It's OK to fool the people in the forest. Let them treat us as spies of the Five Elements Alliance. Unfortunately, once we use the water escape, our wind magic can't be sent out. Otherwise, I won't be hurt like this." Strungen swallowed the pill in one gulp, and a stream of hot air rose from his stomach, invigorating his spirits. He nodded and said, "Good stuff, really good stuff …" Send me back to London as soon as possible. Izumida looked at him. "Of course, this time tomorrow, you will be enjoying yourself at home in London.".
    ” Ahead, another police checkpoint, Izumida had changed into the same clothes as his subordinates in the car, and his smiling face was not a little nervous. ××××××××××××××××××××××××× Yi Chen stood on the roof, staring at the east, not knowing why he felt a little uneasy. A message came from David that m seemed to have sent someone from some other department to investigate the attack on the British financial market, which puzzled Yi Chen. Didn't David say that he was responsible for investigating this matter? Why did it become someone else? Could it be that the old woman found out that she wanted him to go slow? It seems that I need to make a good summary. Strungen and Chekov, I don't know what happened. Did they escape? Yi Chen began to envy the elders with deep magic power among the monks. Relying on their own cultivation, they could clear the earth and move thousands of miles in an instant. If they had such power, they would have flown to Tokyo long ago, so that they would feel more at ease. There was a sound of footsteps behind him. It was Philly, Phil, and an unfamiliar footstep. When Yi Chen looked back, Strungen had a sad smile on his pale face: "Boss, we failed, all fifty brothers were killed.." Chekov, he's been taken. I don't know who he is. Look at their actions. They are very clean and expert. Yi Chen took a long breath: "What else is the news?" Strungen nodded: "The one who entrusted them to assassinate Yamaguchi of the Yamaguchi-gumi is the Wind Clan of the four big families of Japan's Wind Forest Volcano. Power, they want to replace the power of the forest.." Their current patriarch has asked me to bring you a message: 'Tell them to kill Yamaguchi by any means.' ” Yi Chen smiled: "So." We can give a reply to the client, 'they' can not complete the commission,gear reduction motor, they measured the strength of the two sides, they can not complete. Stromgen is stupefied: "Boss, how can you reply those Japanese?" 。