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    She knew that with Ding Shumei's wisdom, she could see her doubts from her regrets between the lines. Also can understand, she is to prevent Huicheng princess to see the intention of her letter, so just implicitly ask the question. After all, after the letter was sent, it would be handed over directly to Ding Shumei, or through Princess Huicheng to Ding Shumei, it was really impossible to determine. Be careful to sail a ship of ten thousand years. It's always good to be careful. If Ding Shu-mei could answer her doubts and tell her things one by one with a reply, that would naturally be good. If the other party does not tell her, it will continue like this. Because if you don't tell her, it must be because you can't say or dare not say. In that case, she would not ask any more questions about it. Keep all your doubts in your stomach and rot them, and don't say much. Originally, she and Ding Shumei also exchanged letters. This back and forth, it will not make anyone care. Perhaps it is such melancholy that particularly consumes the mind. After arranging the matter properly and sending someone to deliver the letter, Junlan went straight to the couch, ready to lean for a while and rest. Who knows just lay down not long,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, the eye is heavy want to fall asleep. The sleepiness came suddenly. In the past, she might have stayed up. But now she has a double body, and she can't do that for the sake of her children. He simply obeyed the feeling of his body, closed his eyes and yawned. There was no time to think about it, and it didn't take long to sink into a dark and sweet dream. I had a deep sleep. It was not until the evening that Junlan woke up leisurely. The first feeling of waking up is not staying in bed, but the feeling of discomfort in the abdomen. Both nausea and hunger are sad,Small Dc Gear Motor, eager to eat something, but afraid that they will vomit later. In such a tangle, Junlan sat up and planned to get out of bed and let people prepare some fruits and vegetables. With a good plan in mind, she held the edge of the bed and prepared to put on her shoes. Who knows tiptoe just touched the edge of the shoe, and suddenly there was a heavy hoarse voice beside him. Are you awake? Even with only two short words, Junlan still recognized his voice in an instant. She did not expect that he would suddenly return to Beijing, suddenly returned to his side. The surprise came too suddenly. Therefore, at this moment, she forgot to answer him, but looked at him sideways and stared at him. The author has something to say: Will Uncle Jiu also be confused? Ha-ha Chapter 119 You.. Is it better? Qing raised her hand and stroked the hair on her forehead. Her voice was deep and hoarse. "Are you still uncomfortable?" Junlan nodded. That's for sure. After pregnancy, her reaction was not particularly strong, but a little bit of meat and greasy could not be eaten. Besides, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, the weather is cold now and there are few vegetables. Although there were many melon and fruit snacks in the palace, what she wanted to eat was not what she could get in winter. So I have a poor appetite. I have a bad appetite, but I still have a body, so I can't bear it. Jun Lan sighed and took Uncle Jiu's hand and held it tightly. With him around, she felt less uncomfortable. Qing was worried and sad when she saw the fatigue on her face. He knew that the little girl had always been very strong, and even if she was very uncomfortable, she seldom showed it. The obvious discomfort she is showing now shows that her body has been uncomfortable to a certain extent. Actually, he came back in a hurry. Because his men followed his orders and kept an eye on the situation of Junlan. They knew that the imperial physicians had come to see the princess one after another recently, and that the imperial physicians looked dignified one by one. If you pay close attention, there is a constant smell of medicine in the princess's room. Moreover, the princess's complexion is getting worse day by day. They did not dare to be careless, so they quietly reported the matter to Wang Ye. Heard of the hand of these report, Qing is how to stay in Jizhou? He immediately rushed back to the capital to visit his little wife. As a result, I saw her so haggard. Qing is distressed. But he knew that she was a person who reported good news and not bad news. If he had asked in a hurry, she would have known that he had come back for her. He had to urge him to go back to Jizhou to work. Now she looks like this, in any case, he wants to accompany her well. As for the illness, tomorrow morning and the doctor after careful discussion. The most important thing today is to be with her.
    After making up his mind, Qing decided not to think about those disturbing things, nor to ask much. After helping Junlan sit up, she took the pillow and let her lean on the head of the bed. "What do you want to eat?" Asked Wen Sheng? I'll have someone bring it to you. Jun Lan didn't have much appetite now. Hearing what Uncle Jiu said, she subconsciously said, "The clear porridge will be fine.". Add some side dishes at most. I can't eat anything else. Qing was carefully tucking in the corner of the quilt for her, and when she heard this, she felt sour in her heart. He secretly said that her stomach was so uncomfortable that he wished the pain was on him. Covering the thoughts and worries in her heart, Qing smiled and smoothed her slightly messy hair on her temples. "I'll go and have a look.". You wait for me here. Jun Lan sat down and felt that this posture seemed to nest her abdomen, for fear that it would be bad for the child in her abdomen, so she wanted to sit up, "No, I'll just get out of bed.". Let's go and have a look. Qing refused and pressed her back to bed. She frowned and knew she didn't want to sit at the head of the bed, so she said, "If you don't like sitting, why don't you lie down for a while?". I'll be right back. Jun Lan saw that he insisted, and she was very tired, so she didn't say much, nodded with a smile, and watched him go out of the house. Qing went to the yard, found Sheng's mother, and said that Junlan woke up to eat porridge. Mother Sheng was used to the princess's eating habits and said,Small Geared Motors, "I'm afraid the porridge is not very good.". How about asking someone to add some vegetable leaves to the congee? Not too much oil and water, so as not to make the princess sick after eating it. Qing looked back at the dimly lit room and asked Sheng's mother, "Can't the princess eat any oil and water?" 。