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    Hurriedly tried to fall in a horizontal, just between the hair, to avoid the two attacks of Pearl, Pearl has been like the wind, a slender foot area, Wang Gao ankle was kicked by her, can not help but roll away. When Pearl saw that the enemy was easily defeated, she looked back with great courage and said with a smile, "Shame!"! If you can't beat them, you'll somersault on the ground! Zhu Tongshuang grabbed straight back, the strong wind whistled, Pearl set up a sword, "bang" to a sound, both of them shook two steps, Zhu Tong's eyes suddenly showed a strange light, two guns shook a plate, like two black dragons flying in the ground, rolled up. His chain gun, which was both soft and hard, was very difficult to use, and the enemy could not resist it. As soon as Pearl's sword flashed, she resisted the attack. Wang Gao, who was next to her, got up on the ground, picked up the serrated knife with anger and shame, and attacked viciously. Both of them had seen that the beautiful girl was not as good as they had imagined. Wang Gao, however, suffered the loss of inner timidity, and she stole the show and seized the opportunity. At that moment, the two female actors fought against each other. Zhu JL used the seven evil swordsmanship handed down by her grandmother Yin Tang. The light of the sword was vigorous and vigorous, and all the moves were directed at the enemy's deadly acupoints. It was a vicious swordsmanship that attacked more than defended. All of a sudden, with the magic of swordsmanship alone, the two first-class passers and guards were beaten around and around, and there was no time to fight back. When Pearl first waded into Jianghu, she met the enemy, but because she was able to restrain the enemy, her heart blossomed and her spirit became stronger and stronger. With a sharp sword, she fought north and south,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, but she became more and more brave in the Vietnam War. Although the two men had the same skill as her, her swordsmanship was a direct descendant of her own family. Moreover, it was Yin Tang who picked the seven evil hands of Master Kuanqing of Emei. It evolved into this set of swordsmanship, which was the best for a time. It was extremely fierce. How could these two men break it? Twenty strokes, however, both of them had a cold sweat on their spines. Wang Gao sent out signals again and again, but no one came, and he was even more anxious. Suddenly Pearl's sword was full of flowers, and a wisp of white light flicked open the serrated knife and distracted her. Wang Han gasped, unable to escape, and was waiting to die with his eyes closed. But feel the sword wind is cold, sweep the throat, but there is no damage, and Zhu Tong has exclaimed half, will retreat away. It turned out that Pearl had found a flaw and stabbed the enemy with a knife, but knowing that Zhu Tong's two guns fell from the back of his head, she had to let the enemy go and fight back step by step. This is exactly the form of "Tathagata's painful back" in the Seven Evil Swords. In the light of the sword and the shadow of the spear, Zhu Tong kept dodging. Although he saw the opportunity early, he let the wind of the sword sweep over his head and cut the red scarf of Baotou on the ground. Zhu Tong could not help exclaiming and stroking his head and retreating. All of a sudden, Wang and Zhu regrouped and bravely attacked again. With a light laugh, Parallel Shaft Gearbox ,Low Rpm Electric Motor, Pearl again used the Seven Evil Swords to attack in a series of attacks. The figures of the three men, like a merry-go-round, turned round and round. Wang Gao and Zhu Tong both have reputations in Jianghu. Although they are not as good as the big devils such as Longwai Shuangdu, they are not weak. The experience of fighting is very rich. Pearl was a fledgling child, but she relied on the fact that she was a native of the family, and that she was naturally intelligent and alert, so that her opponent was slightly better than her, but she had no choice! But also take a walk in the wind, thus enhancing a lot of self-confidence. Suddenly, more than ten feet away, someone recited the name of the Buddha, but it was the secret kungfu of the inner Qigong that sent it to three people's ears. Pearl was taken aback, and as soon as she tightened the sword in her hand, she used the most fierce move of her seven evil swordsmanship, the "Golden Bell Self-solution". But seeing the light of the sword flying around, it seemed to turn into dozens of sharp swords in an instant, looking for a gap to hurt the enemy. Wang Gao and Zhu Tong shouted together when their voices were heard, and their bodies retreated. Pearl's gesture was in vain. Suddenly there was another chanting, and a fiery figure flew down from the sky, sending out ten thousand pounds of potential to press down on Pearl's head. Cried Pearl warily, raising her sword to retreat, but not enough. This figure is Sadi, the first player in the palace of the Qing Dynasty. What he uses is the Tantric Divine Skill, which is similar to the Taoist Gang Qi and can hurt people invisibly. When Pearl was in Emei, her eyes and ears were so strong that she cried out warmly. At this time, she knew that she could not retreat. Within a radius of ten feet, she could not reach a vicious hand. At that moment, the silver teeth bite, gather all the true strength on the tip of the sword, a type of "Tianlong Jian Finger", the body stands still, the tip of the sword huffs and puffs, but it is only about half a foot of space. The man on the edge of Sa gave a cry of surprise and fell to the ground. He never thought that this woman could use the wonderful sword style of Taoism to break through her mountain-like magic power, and he couldn't help looking at it.
    At this time, Pearl sweated in a small group, and dared to use the secret skill of "Tianlong Vertical Finger", which was not passed on by Emei. It was so hard that she managed to break through the pressure of moving mountains. As soon as she rolled her eyes, she knew that she was in a dilemma and her life was in danger. In a hurry, Xiumei relaxed and smiled. "Is the great monk from Tibet?" She asked. His voice was long and melodious, and he continued to chuckle coquettishly. "Isn't it very far away from here?" He asked. The Venerable Sadi's heart softened slightly, and the big handprint he was going to send out stopped for a while. "You're a girl," he said. "You're too bold, and you're good at it. I advise you to tie yourself up, so that the poor monk won't hurt you."! This is no place for gossip. 'He paused, glistening in the night, and suddenly saw two guards standing beside him, gaping and staring at Pearl with a different expression. What kind of person is the man on the edge of Sa who has been holding the Dharma for many years? Suddenly, he was startled and his face suddenly sank. He loudly recited the name of the Buddha in his mouth, raised his right palm, and used his big handprint to perform extraordinary skills. He stretched out his hand and held it as big as a thin fan, swinging it over his head. In a flash, Wang and Zhu seemed to wake up in a dream, but they did not know why. Dare to think that Pearl was using the magic of a beautiful girl, but in a different form, and far less effective than her grandmother had been. But it is very useful to talk about capturing people's hearts and souls and confusing the enemy. You can control the enemy by talking and laughing. It's a pity that I met Master Sada, who has been a Buddhist since he was a child, and who has been practicing the secret skills. How can this kind of weak magic method work? When Pearl saw that Dafa had failed, the wind at her feet receded, but the monk's giant hand had already caught it, and she hurried to "bind herself to the silkworm in spring." The cold light was in the same area, and she was born around her body. Master Sadie's huge palm,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, like a cattail leaf fan, rushed down to the light of the sword, only to hear Pearl exclaim that the sword in his hand had been snatched by Master Sadie with a wonderful Mahamudra and thrown into the dust.