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Become an immortal after a hundred refinements

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    Lin Xuan murmured, in the face of this golden opportunity, he naturally said that he would not miss anything, waved his hands, changed a formula, the direction of the green salamander suddenly changed, crossed a beautiful arc, swooped down from above, and drilled into the monster's open mouth because of its roar to the sky. Poof, with a light sound, Zhou Mian's body froze, and then his face showed a look of great fear. On the contrary, Lin Xuan breathed a sigh of relief, this monster's magical power is so strong that even the practitioners at the peak of the congealing Dan period can't compare with flattery. To be fair, if their own Bihuan fire has been completed, it is natural to destroy him, but now this level of dilettante, at most 50% of the grasp. But now that he has entered his body, the situation is naturally another matter. Almost in the blink of an eye, the surface of the monster's body appeared eerily green, many places even began to smoke, and the expression on his face was painful to the extreme. Zhou Mian was shocked. After he was demonized, he could be called a strong and abnormal body. Naturally, he was not afraid of the attack of pure Yang Dan fire. Even if he entered the body, he could wrap it with magic gas, so that it could not break out for the time being. But in the strange flame of the other side,Inflatable meltdown, it contained a highly corrosive poison. Although he mobilized all over the true yuan to block, but still can not play the slightest role, soon, from the Dantian, was melted out of a thumb-sized hole, it seems not serious, but it is constantly expanding. The monster gritted his teeth, and a look of resentment and despair appeared on his face. He held out his fist and thumped his chest. Poof! The black baby with the same face as him appeared. Lin Xuan, however,inflatable bounce house with slide, turned a blind eye to it. As soon as he closed his hands, his magic power rushed in. With a bang, the green flame rose and wrapped the monster's body. Strange yuan Ying was out of body, and the demon body had lost its spirituality. It had no power to fight back. It was turned into dust by the poisonous flame and scattered with the wind. But Lin Xuan did so, apparently also gave the strange magic baby time to escape. After leaving the body, the figure flashed into a black awn, shooting like the direction of the distant horizon, but head-on was a huge black net. This is not Lin Xuan left behind, but the master and servant have a little connection, there is no need for the young master to command, the moon will not let this strange little guy escape. The magic baby was caught off guard and crashed into the net. The moon hurriedly pinched the knot with both hands and gathered the net. Demon baby is not reconciled, face is resentful to raise his hand, want to display other magical powers, Lin Xuan has frowned, a green awn out of the hand, the green awn as if nothing to sink into the giant net, restored to an amulet, pasted on the forehead of the demon baby. Chapter 473 Measurement. The baby screamed, Inflatable water obstacle course ,Inflatable water park factory, and the action suddenly slowed down a lot. Seeing that the magic amulet worth thousands of spar was effective, Lin Xuan showed a satisfied smile at the corners of his mouth, but he did not give up. He continued to wave his hands, and several blue swords came out. The body of the magic baby was pierced in many places and was dying. Moon! "I know." The ghost jade hand slightly raises, a magic formula hits on the beast soul banner, inside the evil spirit swarms out, wraps the seriously injured evil baby. No matter what kind of monster this little thing is, it's a great tonic for the magic banner. Strong enemy Fu Zhu, Lin Xuan waved, will be a few pieces of ancient treasure recovery, this war is really dangerous, and then his eyes fell below. Sleeve robe a brush, a ray of light flew out, a moment later, brought back a nun, in the plot of the moon, she is still eyes closed coma. Although just now hit earth-shaking, but Lin Xuan chose the place this is remote, plus in advance laid the array, so did not attract anyone's attention. Lin Xuan falls to escape the light. She took a look at the unconscious woman who was wrapped in the glow of the sun. Close your eyes slowly. Then play out a few tricks. Sou Hun Lin Xuan is naturally familiar with the road. But when it comes to monks of the same rank, it should be used solemnly. Fortunately, I don't know how much stronger my divinity is than hers. There is no need to worry about the problem of the secret art eating back. Half an hour later. Lin Xuan's sword gas popped out. Let Cao Yue's soul return to hell. Then she disposed of her body with a small fireball. Young master. How. What did you find? The moon spoke in a coquettish voice. With a curious look on his face. Nothing else. When the young master just performed the soul-searching. The expression is too strange. Frowning for a moment. Grind one's teeth. Then he scratched his head. Extremely happy.
    It's really hard to figure out. Moon and Lin Xuan depend on each other is not a day or two, knowing that the young master is very sophisticated, usually happy and angry, so the gaffe is really not much. Did you find a big secret? Lin Xuan did not answer, but hesitated for a moment: "Go back and talk about it." Although the moon is full of doubts, but see the young master's dignified expression, naturally will not be in a hurry to ask what, nodded, turned into a fragrant wind, returned to Lin Xuan's sleeve. Lin Xuan patted on the storage bag, took out a palm-sized disc, read the pithy formula, took back the flag, and then stamped his feet, turned into a green awn, and disappeared in the direction of the horizon. While flying, while thinking in the heart. Just now, using the method of soul search, Lin Xuan did get the information he wanted. However, this matter involved behind the secret, but let the tongue unceasingly, originally before this, Lin Xuan also had secretly guessed, thought Zhou Mian husband and wife is to take refuge in the evil way, or secretly practice what evil work, so use this disciple as a blood sacrifice. How to know but is not such a thing, the middle actually involves the blood demon venerable this kind of flood and famine period old monster. In the peak period, he was a monk in the period of yuan Ying, and ran amuck for a while. Although the specific cultivation was not said, Lin Xuan guessed that most of them had reached the middle stage. Now, although seriously injured, it can be regarded as a tiger falling into Pingyang, but as the saying goes, a lean camel is bigger than a horse, if put together, the strength can not be underestimated. Young master,Inflatable outdoor park, are you going to leave like this? Moon son some curious way, along the way, Lin Xuan also probably like her to tell the basic situation.