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Why Students don't like essay?

  • 16 de julho de 2021

    Students don't like essay and it's a fact because...

    1. It is super time consuming.

    2. Needs a lot of mental energy and the process of writing is very hectic.

    3. The topics for essay needs a lot of background research.

    4. The output is very low and not that exciting as compared to the input, I mean it's just an assignment and will make no sense after submission.

    5. Teachers don't even look to what is being written in that document so it's nor worth putting effort.

    That is why it is okay for students to buy essay online so that they can save both time and mental energy just by spending a small chunk of their pocket money. 

  • 30 de novembro de 2021

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  • 9 de dezembro de 2021

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  • 17 de dezembro de 2021

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  • 14 de jan

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